I need dentures. Where do I start?

Dr. K - I need dentures. But with all the options out there, I don’t even know where to start. Can you give me some advice?

Dr. K’s Response:

Happy to help here. And you’re not alone! Navigating your options for dentures (or even determining if dentures are your best option) can be confusing.

The best starting point is to see a Prosthodontist. A Prosthodontist is a specialist with an additional three years of training after dental school. Prosthodontists focus on the restoration and replacement of teeth, including dentures for even the most complex cases. A Prosthodontist will also be able to help determine if another treatment option might be more suited to your particular situation.

What makes a good denture?

  1. The experience of the Dentist. A Prosthodontist is a Dental Specialist in making dentures.

  2. The Prosthodontist’s ability to assess your problems and optimize correction of each one of those problems.

  3. The type of impression procedure used. At Frontier Dental, we use custom impressions of your mouth to optimize the fit of the dentures.

  4. The ability of the Prosthodontist to select the right size and shade of the teeth.

  5. The ability of the Prosthodontist to place the dentures in the right position so you look good and are able to chew comfortably.

  6. Trying the teeth in wax to see if you can bite down correctly. We’ll have you give us the thumbs up if it feels right!

  7. The type of teeth / materials used. We can select from Basic to Premium teeth and materials to customize to your needs.

Looking for a Dental Specialist you can trust to determine if dentures are your best option?

Contact us at Frontier Dental. We earn our patients’ trust by providing the best care possible. And even more, we’re currently offering free consults for dentures and implant dentures!